Are You Too Picky? How To Loosen Up And Have An Online Fling


“Don’t be so picky!”

There are so many ways to meet people online these days for casual encounters and more, namely through websites that cater for such needs. If you want a fling online dating could be the way to go for you because the world will be your oyster. Join up to a legit fling online dating website and browse a wide variety of people to see who stands out to you. Many people can be very picky in the online world however and if you think that this applies to you, you need to look at the situation more sensibly and loosen up a bit. You’re never going to find somebody to have fun with and maybe more, if you do not even give them a chance. Learn how to be more open in your screening process in order to find a fling online that could even result in something more serious.

Why does the internet make people so picky?


“Too many options to choose from”

When you sign up for fling online dating websites to find a casual lover, you are much more likely to be more precise about what you want than if you were in a bar or club. This is because there are many more people to choose from, making you want to find the perfect person. Truth be told the perfect person does not exist but due to the massive choice that you have, you can become determined to find them and it often can lead to an obsession that cannot be fulfilled. I believe it is easier to find a relationship in a small town than in a big city, despite the population between the two being hugely different. This is because when there are less people to choose from, it’s much easier to form bonds with people quickly and chemistry can soon follow. When online, you might be looking for somebody purely based on looks and not even bother reading profiles if the person does not tick every box. Being this shallow is not good for you and you are probably being even more picky than you would in real life because you can click “next” and find somebody else instantly. By not giving anyone a chance purely based on the fact that you do not see them as perfect, could mean that you are passing up a fun opportunity or even rejecting the love of your life.

Being unrealistic can result in you not getting dates


“High expectations can leave you lonely”

It could get to a point online where your picking habits mean that you do not get any dates at all. You might think that everyone you chat is a weirdo or maybe you are not even giving them a chance to begin with. You could even be comparing them to an ex who you were head over heels for, it’s time to move on and open yourself to new opportunities with different people. Unrealistic expectations can waste the time that you have spent signing up to the dating website and waste anyone’s time who has shown an interest in you. Your perfect partner is not going to drop out of the sky into your lap and that’s because there is no perfect partnership. A relationship is what you make of it, if you both connect and put in the effort – something magical can come out of something that might not have seemed like a big deal to start with. You have to get to know a person and they might end up surprising you. If no relationship has worked out for you in the past despite having specific criteria, then maybe it is time to step out of your comfort zone and try dating someone who previously might not have even entered your mind.

The perfect person could end up as a terrible date

Let’s think about if you do manage to bag a date with somebody who you see as perfect, in terms of their appearance. If you have nothing in common and simply don’t connect then it was all for nothing and it can lead to a very awkward and boring date. Your date might have the body of a god and the face of an angel but if they are rude, arrogant or dumb – then your search has ended in disaster and your time has been wasted. Personality is important, even if the relationship that is intended from the date is purely sexually. After all, you still want to get respect from a person and respect them in return. When all the fun has been had, it’s important that you get a good conversation out of them afterwards.

How to become more open to potential dates

If you want to find somebody to have a fling with on a dating website, then you need to be more open minded about what is out there. Don’t set the bar too high because this will lead for disappointed for both you and your potential lover. Take the time to actually read a person’s profile and not just look at their picture and judge them. Look for somebody that you have things in common with, someone who is passionate about something and someone who makes you laugh. So they aren’t tall, dark and handsome? That doesn’t matter, we all lose our looks eventually! Attraction is important especially when it comes to a relationship that is based on a fling but attraction can grow over time. When somebody is kind and makes you laugh, it can result in you seeing them in a different way to what other people would see them. Give them the time that they deserve with just words and if you get on then who’s to say that the chemistry between you won’t sizzle when you meet up in person.

A date does not equal commitment


“Understand that it is just a date”

The key to finding somebody to have a casual fling with online is to have many dates in order to see what’s out there. Not being picky could result in you finding a person with whom you can establish a long relationship, either sexually or something more. It’s only a date, you are not agreeing to marriage so quit being so picky and get out there. If somebody catches your attention in terms of personality but they are not the best looking person in the world then just give them a chance. It might not result in anything but at least you can say that you wasn’t shallow and that you tried. Dates are fun and exciting, you are opening yourself to new experiences and getting on with a variety of people. Although fling online dating websites is a great way to hook up, be careful when meeting somebody that you have met online and always make sure that your first meeting is in a public place.


If you want to meet somebody for casual encounters online then you need to have an open mind and chat to people who you perhaps would not have done in the past and in your everyday life. There are numerous fling sites out there. Go ahead and choose from the sites for online flings. Once you have made a choice, fling online dating becomes as easy as breathing. All you need to do next is start a conversation with the opposite sex. The more you talk, the more confidence you’ll get. Talking to more people will make it more likely that you will find somebody for you. There is no perfect person out there waiting for you but there are many people who are desperate for a chance, so give it to them.

Can Married Affairs Be Psychologically Healthy For Your Relationships?

“Think about affairs from a different perspective”

“Think about affairs from a different perspective”

We tend to determine the psychology of things to explicate the means as to why we are not constantly in control of ourselves. Even when we go through life as an apparently unbounded buffet of chances and choices, we still function as puppets on the strings of our psychic apparatus. In reality, humanity is not precisely as frail and incapacitated as that deliberately awful figure of speech claims, but the customary behaviors still come forth when faced with the decision-making process. We break our necks to understand them, and then exert the effort to shift the behavior that might gear toward the not-so-right option.

What could be the reason behind some of our unreasonable behaviors? Why do good and not-so-good people take some gravely irrational, out of character, and risky decisions such as cheating? Maybe the skeptic among us will say that as long as relationships exist, there will be infidelity. As long as there are customs, practices, limits, or specifications for relationships, people will withstand them – that is human nature. Factors like social beliefs, relationship philosophy, gender, and personality will greatly affect the way we choose to react.

Infidelity is such a big word. If you are screwing someone outside your marriage even through some married internet dating scams, you must carefully think about its impact to the life of your partner. Can married affairs be psychologically healthy for your relationships? The answer is default – NO.

The ripple effect of infidelity.

“You can’t really move on”

“You can’t really move on”

When a marriage is damaged by an extramarital affair, it can be like dropping a pebble into the water and the ripples of desolation, stress, and pain grow wider and wider, and can remain for as long as you can imagine. The experience of cheating in marriage has got to be one of the most traumatic occurrences that any person can face. Victims of cheating will generally look at his or her friends, work, and other life choices in a different way upon discovery of the illicit relationship. The affair is not just something that destroys your intimate connection; it is something that destroys the core of the person who is being cheated on.

Cheating greatly affects the trust level in a relationship.

A relationship is basically a commitment to each other, together and apart. Cheating collapses one of the integral foundations of a relationship and that is trust. Once broken, it is hard to fix the pieces together as they were before. What some form of gratification you are enjoying out of lies and dishonesty you might say is all beneficial, but the detrimental effects on your personality remain unnoticed until such time you realize your inappropriate behavior. So the married internet dating scams are just petty? Lying is a vicious cycle. Are you someone worth the trust? Even if your marriage ends and the both of you enter into another relationship, your partner will continue to have huge trust issues. The trauma persists even after the end of your marriage.

Relationships commence with affection and love, but they are nourished with trust and commitment. Cheating imposes a deep wound into the revered connection. We all know that a lot can be forgiven in relationships and even cheating does not have to be disastrous, yet it is perpetually developing a profound crack in the foundation. Lack of trust may cause relentless skepticism and probing, and this can bring about an uptight and uncongenial home environment, even if the extramarital affair is over. The dragging atmosphere of the affair is sufficient to provoke spontaneous disputes and arguments.

The impact on self-esteem.

“Don’t ever lose it”

“Don’t ever lose it”

Cheating definitely hurts one’s partner because it preys their self-esteem. One begins to question their worth: “Where did I go wrong?” or “What’s wrong with me?” Self-analysis certainly takes place into self-criticism. Persons being cheated on having a growing sense of discontent with the trajectory of their life. Of course, they felt really capable of accomplishing much more, but had not actively engaged in their aspirations. As their life became progressively focused on their spouse, kids, and home, the chances for developing friendship is also greatly reduced. This kind of circumstance considerably consumed their self-regard and left them with a deep sense of resentment. Against this situation, being disappointed by their spouse, profoundly hurt and depressed, they felt that life had become pointless.

Self-criticism displays into a self-satisfying prognostication. One who feels unattractive, fairly becomes unattractive. Depression is a seriously plausible consequence of detrimental self-criticism. Despair actually reduces desire and inspiration. The cheating partner then utilizes this to justify their infidelity but in verity, they are responsible for it. Low self-regard in one’s spouse can be expressed in so many ways other than despair and can cause the offended partner to become cheater themselves.

Spouses are not the only ones to experience a self-regard blow when someone cheats. Children start to doubt their worth when they witness their parent cheating. They could as well see themselves culpable for their parent’s unavailability, and they feel they are not good enough for their parent to want them. If love and belonging are jeopardized, there is a destructive impact on children’s emotional development and stability.

The rollercoaster of emotions.

“It’s hard to hide those emotions”

“It’s hard to hide those emotions”

Suppose that your spouse is still not aware of your infidelity and you come home to him or her feeling what? Do you think you are good enough to conceal your overwhelming emotions especially after you’ve had the most delirious sexual experience ever? Again, there is a rippling effect. An overt hostility will not occur but the direct strike to emotions is there, left unseen until he or she proves the suspicion is true. Your spouse will definitely suffer emotional chaos. He or she may feel angry now, and then feel like crying thereafter. Your partner may blame you now, and then blame himself or herself following that. This is an average response to cheating.

We know intuitively, even before the gaudy outward display of wedding vows, that the telltale sign of a committed and devoted relationship is sexual exclusivity. In any real world situation, we also know that we can’t be with our partner every day. We trust him or her to respect the dedication made through both official vows and the love-soaked pledge of passion. We assume or partner to employ self-control, but life oftentimes screws those optimistic outlooks and somehow, things become altered.

Yes, affairs in marriage are always perplexing. A lot of cheaters think that infidelity will indemnify for the intimate monotony and rekindle the carnal passion with their spouse. They also visit married dating sites in search for the passion that is missing from their relationship. They often fall prey to scams during this process. It is important that they should read the reviews first, for example one can read ashley madison dating site review and decide from this dating review, whether is a scam or not.

Why do we ever think that a dilemma can be worked out by adding another dilemma to it? Whether it’s a booty call, cybersex, phone sex, married internet dating scams, casual sex, or one night stand, cheating has significant destructive repercussions on a couple who decides to keep their marriage together or settles to end it.

Contended people never cheat, unless they have self-harm tendencies. Devotion toward all our commitments represents a solid foundation for marital happiness. Faithfulness is a decision to be taken. Will that decision be kept by the primeval brain directed by pursuit of satisfaction and the avoidance of suffering, or by the ardent brain exploring fervors or by the neopallium, where lies the throne of the human conscience and moral sense? Examine yourself and let your brain work accordingly.

The MS Surface Editions and Their Differences

With the android becoming popular in making of tablets, Microsoft decided to release one of their own. So they designed, built and came up with a series of tablets which were launched and unveiled in June 2012. They called this the MS Surface. The surface comes in two versions namely windows RT and windows 8 Pro, depending on the type of operating systems they run from. The model of windows RT uses an ARM CPU while the latter uses the Intel CPU. Actually, this was the first time in history that Microsoft produced its own hardware since they are famously known to specialize in software.

The MS surface tablets have their own differences, but not much on the hardware. Rather, the differences concentrate more on the inner workings. Though both the tablets may somehow seem to look the same on the outside, their internal functionalities are completely dissimilar. The same applies with their power to process.

MS Surface RT specs

Before we jump into the differences of the two editions, it will be good if we take a look at some of the specifications of the two separately. We will first begin with the MS surface tablet running on windows RT.

Windows RT; Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 RT Preview

Windows RT; Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 RT Preview

  • In terms of weight, this has a weight of 676 grams (about a pound and a half) with a thickness of 9.3 millimeters.

  • Its productivity is with no doubt the best, for its 31.5wh battery has a life of about 8 hours thus one can operate the tablet for one whole day continuously.

  • Applications such as the Microsoft office home and student 2013 are installed in the tablet windows RT. Other applications that come with it are Internet Explorer, Bing, music, Xbox, and video games.

  • For security, the edition has got windows defender to protect it from malware and viruses. It also features device encryption.

  • For the best connectivity, the tablet comes with peripherals that include: high connectivity USB 2 slots; microSD slots; Bluetooth; Wi-Fi; MIMO antennae and HD video camera.

  • The HD touch screen has a display monitor of 10.6 inch. The screen has a not-so-bad resolution of 720 HD.

  • The storage capacity of the MS surface windows RT edition is 32GB and 64GB.

Windows 8 Pro edition

As we earlier mentioned, there isn’t much dissimilarities between the two when it comes to hardware. Now, lets us see all features about windows 8 pro.

Upgrade your PC running a previous version of Windows to Windows 8 Pro

Upgrade your PC running a previous version of Windows to Windows 8 Pro

  • This edition boasts of a processor manufactured by Intel which happens to be making the best processors. The processor also features Intel Core i5. This will definitely process anything that you throw at it, no matter how heavy the program or application is.

  • The battery to the Pro tablet is a 42wh which stays long hours as the tablet operates.

  • Windows 8 Pro edition supports the full office experience, just like in the normal computers. It also has the capability to run all the applications that you used in the previous versions of windows without any problems.

  • For security, the Pro tablet is protected with the Active Directory, BitLocker drive encryption and Client Hyper-V. 

Tips on How to be an Effective Leader

What do effective leaders have in common? This is what we have to find out. Not everyone is born a leader. However, good leadership can be learned in a number of ways. It is indeed never easy to be a leader. Before you can be deemed as a good one, there are some tips that you should equip your mind with and these include the following:


It may seem impossible for you to lead others when beforehand you don’t even know yourself that well. The very core to effective leadership is getting to know oneself above others. This was what John C. Maxwell had written in his book, The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader: Becoming the Person Others Will Want to Follow. Getting to know yourself entails allotting your time to three different aspects, 70 percent of which involves determining your strengths, 25 percent on knowing anything you can do that would help you grow even better as a person and as a leader and the remaining 5 percent has to be focused on your weaknesses. Doing so enables you to assure your constituents what they can expect of you as well as the extent through which they can rely on you. However, having successfully done the things mentioned above does not mean that there’s not a single room for improvement. Still open your mind and welcome new ideas that would help improve your prowess as a leader.

Effective Leader - Catalyzes commitment to and vigorous.

Effective Leader – Catalyzes commitment to and vigorous.

Have a Goal in Mind

The common ground among the majority of leaders is that they have a goal in mind. A good leader outlines a vision for the team and how he exactly wants the group to be. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that you should monopolize goal-setting all to yourself. Effective leaders always include others in drawing goals. Once the goals have been set, it would be apt if these are made public which is referred by Maxwell as the Edison Method. Thomas Edison used to broadcast his goals before he hits the lab and start experimenting. It is believed that making your goals known to public would propel you to strive harder so as to achieve them.

Foster Camaraderie

An effective leader is someone who can bring the group in harmony. We are at the midst of the sea of diversity. We all have individual differences. Even within our own families, bonded by sanguinity, we still differ from each other, more so it is when we are in a group of different people with different family backgrounds and upbringing. You should take time to know each member of your group for you to achieve leadership success. It is but normal that there are different personalities that clash within a group. As a leader, it is your utmost duty to let your members imbibe on the cup of camaraderie. That instead of dwelling on the differences that set the group apart, being proactive is encouraged. Once you get to know the distinct personalities and behaviors in a group, you’ll have a hint on how you can motivate the team.

Effective leaders improve performance by providing.

Effective leaders improve performance by providing.

Open Communication

Communication lines must be also kept open and the kind of communication that a group must have is two-way. There should always be a feedback from both ends. A good leader is able to listen more than he talks. Always have the time to listen on what the group has to say, no matter how trifling you think it is, if this would keep the group motivated towards achieving one common goal then carry on.

These are just some of the tips on how to be a leader. It takes time though for you to be an effective one. Constantly practicing your leadership skills would however hitch your wagon to success in the endeavour.

Can Windows 8 Save The Software Powerhouse?

Microsoft has recently launched windows 8 operating system and its success is very crucial as a lot of gadgets these days are dependent on it. Even a slightest patch could prove to be costly. In order to get the feedback and experiences of the customer with windows 8 operating system, a large number of workshops have been organized. Another purpose of organizing these workshops is to tell the users about the best features of the windows 8 and how they can make use of it.

Microsoft has launched windows 8 operating system so that the current and the changing needs or the requirements of the users could be satisfied. Many phones have been launched that support windows 8 in the market. Moreover, several touch screen laptops like dockables, convertibles, sliders or standard touch laptops support windows 8 because it is touch focused.

The windows 8 operating system has all the attractive and best features of the previous versions of the windows operating system and introduces some of the fabulous features that you won’t find in other Operating systems. Though windows 8 operating system is new to the users and they will take their time in order to get accustomed to it but once they learn how to operate it, they won’t feel like going for any operating system other than windows 8. The users who are laymen in terms of technology might find using windows 8 a bit cumbersome as the new apps might be jarring for them. However, majority of the users are happy and satisfied with this advanced version of operating system.

Windows 8 has arrived. After many, many months of talking about Windows 8, Microsoft has launched its new operating system.

Windows 8 has arrived. After many, many months of talking about Windows 8, Microsoft has launched its new operating system.

You can’t say that it is a flawless product but the kind of amazing features that it offers has outshined the negative ones. Following are some of the advantages of switching over to windows 8 operating system which would be an answer to the question Can Windows 8 save the software powerhouse? :

You would be amazed to know that many applications and features of windows 8 are already being used in many smart phones.

Slow operating systems are always annoying and you can actually get rid of them by switching over to windows operating system as it offers you a fabulous speed which is one thing all users wish to have so that anything or everything they want to do on their laptop could be done instantly. This operating system merely takes less than ten seconds to boot.

The welcome screen of windows 8 is very pleasant and you feel positive as soon as you boot your laptop. The screen is similar to the normal windows screen but this OS gives you a clearer and larger picture.

welcome screen of windows 8 is very pleasant.

welcome screen of windows 8 is very pleasant.

The method with which you log on to this operating system has also advanced in order to enhance the security. You could even login in the conventional manner n this OS. For increased security purposes, you could make use of either cash cards or unknown picture passwords.

Although, the windows 8 is not perfect and the users might face several issues in operating it initially but it is just a start and the Microsoft is trying its level best to take customer feedback and work on the several patches in this OS so that it becomes easy to use.

My Top 3 TV Shows This Year (2013)

1. The Big Bang Theory:

The Big Bang Theory is a science comedy and a production of American sitcom produced by Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady starring – Johnny Galecki,Mayim Bialik ,Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg, Sara Gilbert,Kunal Nayyar, Melissa Rauch, Kaley Cuoco and Kevin Sussman.


  • It is a grape vine concoction of satires, science and social issues. The storyline allows wounding up different issue in a single episode making it most fascinating comic serial to watch.

  • The cast performance and timing is impeccable as over the time their acting skills have bonded in well. With each season they get better and better.

  • It is a treat to nerds. The kind of science and scripts discussed out is always enlightening. It gives a sense of having learned something worth laughing at.

  • It is now six seasons old.

  • It has a strong theme line and a seemingly end-less storyline. Hence, it is difficult to think that might get wounded up within single digit seasons.


  • People who hate geeks cannot bear it. I mean, if you are a science hater, then this show is not for you.

  • Same cast every time makes episode look longer than usual. It would have been nice had there been more guests coming in each episode to lift the mood of show.

  • Comes with very few outdoor episodes in a season. Wish they had more outdoor episodes to release each season.

2. Grey’s Anatomy:

Grey’s Anatomy is medical drama production of American television produced by S. Rhimes starring – Justin Chambers, Ellen Pompeo,T. R. Knight, James Pickens,Chandra Wilson, Isaiah Washington, Kate Walsh, Sara Ramirez, Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, Brooke Smith, Chyler Leigh, and Jesse Williams.

A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors.

A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors.


The drama casted is heart-throbbing and eye catching. You cannot bear to miss even a second of air show relayed on your television. The pitch of the serial is always on the higher side building up excitement on what’s coming up next.

  • Real life diseases and real-life operation procedures are shown, which is another reason why people love watching it out of inquisitiveness.

  • Medical drama acted out is backed by a very strong script line that keeps audiences enthralled and always on edge of their seat.

  • Although they show so much of blood and operation tools, it is never too filthy and handles the subject with utmost tactility to avoid uncomfortable moments for audiences.

  • It has completed nine seasons with more than 180 episodes.


  • Not recommended for young kids, as this isn’t a cartoon show but a serious subject of talk.

3. The Vampire Dairies:

The Vampire Diaries is designed y K. Williamson and J. Plec and belong to a supernatural drama genre, which stars – Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Steven R. McQueen, Kat Graham, Sara Canning, Zach Roerig, Kayla Ewell, Candice Accola, and Michael Trevino.

The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural drama television series.

The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural drama television series.


  • Is on the fourth seasons with more than 70 episodes relayed.

  • The vampire dairy talks about college love, drama and of course the vampires, in an electrifying way.

  • The serial is craze among college teens. The eagerness mounts up when vampire fight scenes are hoard up.


  • Isn’t popular with kids, especially kids who hate bed time horrors.

  • The script doesn’t allow any more themes to experiment with, which means it won’t end up making an endless season saga.

The Top 3 Ways To Impress A Girl The First Time You Meet Her

I am very sure that you are familiar with the saying “First impressions lasts.” Sounds like a bell right? And though it may not be true for all occasions, your first meeting with a girl will determine whether there would ever be a second time around. It will be a girl’s crucial decision point of whether to “ditch” or to “keep”. If you miserably fail to impress on the first meeting, you wouldn’t even have the chance to ask her out on a date and you’re already dumped.

So let’s get to it. As many as there are ways to kill a cat, there are equally as many number of way to impress a girl. And here are the top 3 ways to impress a girl the first time you meet her.

    • Talk smart; be sensible and make her laugh– Everybody loves a good joke but nobody would ever be interested in a man who is senseless or stupid. Having a sense of humor doesn’t mean that you have to sound like a moron you know. So try to talk smart and put some brains into your joke. It is awesome if you can make a girl laugh the first time you meet her and absolutely a great plus if you get to build a smart image of yourself with her. Just be careful not to sound like a Mr-know-it-all brainiac though, it scares a girl away.

Careers Where Personality Can Prevail

Careers Where Personality Can Prevail

    • Show a great personality – The personality you show her during that first meeting will be what she would be picturing of you. A great personality and attitude shown on the first meeting will definitely last and might even be your key in getting her number or that first date. I personally like a man who is a good gentleman yet fierce and tough. That kind of personality tells me that he can be as gentle as opening the door for me and carrying my bags but would be rough enough to take on anybody who would disrespect me protect me in times of danger. So let your girl take a glimpse of who you are inside and what you are like. That will absolutely make her look forward to that second meeting – that’s for certain.

    • Awaken her interest. – There are times when telling a girl directly that you like her would work but there are those unfortunate times that it doesn’t as well. Find ways to make the message come across. You can start by getting her number or giving her an honest compliment. Also try asking questions ABOUT her. The key here is talking about her and not of yourself. That way she will definitely get the feeling that you are truly interested with her. Try not to divulge too much information though. Saying too much can be a disaster plus having that sort of mystery in you would definitely want her to get to know you more and discover what is behind that mystery.

Have a Great Personality: Ya...Jaye is laughing.

Have a Great Personality: Ya…Jaye is laughing.

Next time you meet an interesting girl try out these 3 tips and be sure you are ready for a date because you’ll definitely get one after you impress her on that first meeting.